Saturday, 17 October 2015


Autumn. The crisp honey-coloured leaves tucked against the side of the pavement. The way the trees stay standing proud even though they are naked. The warm mug of latte filled with hope and comfort. The fall of old habits and the beginning of the new and unexpected.

For me, Autumn is about being on the verge of change or a new season. Winter is coming with it's harsh weather and shorter days but before you have Winter, you have Autumn. The last season before things change into frost. The season where you can reflect before you move on into the harsher days. 

Autumn is when things fall into something new; something undiscovered. It's a time of life where things are evolving. A time of harvest, when food is fuller and the apples ripe. Perhaps it's a time of melancholia when the many possibilities of Summer have gone and instead Winter is stood waiting. The skies may turn gray and so may our thoughts but we can still look forward to things changing because things can always change for the better. 

I'm one of those people who have to overthink things and find metaphors in pretty much everything. I think the Autumn trees or trees in general are a metaphor for life and the cycles that come with life. Trees have branches coming off of them, perhaps symbolizing all the events and moments and feelings that come with life. And then you have the leaves on those branches which, in Autumn, fall into the unknown. These leaves are the old habits and the past. When they have fallen, the new starts to grow upon the branches and the changes in life have been and the new time of Winter has begun. 
Perhaps you could think of Autumn as a melancholy time but then it is also a time to move on. 

Autumn. Young faces with flushed cheeks, leaves so colorful they become flowers.  Strolls through the park surrounded by the many trees and their knowing glances that Autumn is here and that it's going to be fine.

Writing again soon.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

If life was a play, who would I play?

I'm feeling philosophical right now. It's very odd indeed. I keep thinking about deep questions. Questions that keep rotating around my mind never getting answered. I was just thinking about the question in the title and I thought why not write about it?
It is quite a random question and at the same time I think of it as quite a comedic one. I studied a Shakespeare play at school a few months ago and it got me thinking about life as a play. The characters in Shakespeare's plays all have roles and characteristics that determine the plays outcome and scenes. Without the characters... there would be no play. Just an empty stage.

So my point is here that the characters all have a role to make the play a play. For example, Lago from Othello was the villain who caused all the disruptions in the play and ultimately caused the death of others (all because he was jealous).  Then, another example is Mercutio, from Romeo and Juliet, who was the jokey one- the one who liked a good laugh and a bit of fun... but then died sticking up for his buddy Romeo. Was his role just to be the jokey one we all liked but died to cause us to feel frustration? Well maybe. Because that's how Shakespeare wanted things to turn out.

So maybe IF life WAS a play then we might all be scripted into a book with certain lines and actions based on our original character. For example, if there was a play about my group of friends, there would be the childish one, the serious one, the loud mouthed one, the kind one, the awkward one, the tomboy one and the moody one because I am just picking the main characteristic from each person. (I am obviously the kind one) . What sort of character do you think you would be if you were in a play? (comment below- it's just a bit of fun to discuss this topic).

So now your probably thinking who would I be? The jokey one? The evil one? The hero/heroine? The peacemaker? The idiot lover? Thinking about it, I don't think we all have one distinct character. We have layers. None of us know who we're MEANT to be in life. We just are who we are and we could change or develop another side to our character. We're not written as characters in a play. I was just wondering if life was a play, who I would play...

So let's make it clear...I don't think life is a play (maybe you do... I would be interested to know). I just don't think life is mere entertainment like a play. I just guess it's interesting to think about life as a play with many different characters, scenes and moments that create one big story.

I hope this post made you think philosophically! 
Blogging again soon,