Thursday, 24 December 2015


Christmas. A time associated with joy. A time to laugh and have fun with friends and family. The most peaceful time of the year. Christmas isn't just a season but a state of mind. 

I am currently staying at my Nan's house with my family. It's nice to be with family especially when you haven't seen them in a while. My cousins and Auntie came round Christmas Eve and they're coming round again in, I think, half an hour for lunch. It's Boxing Day. Why is it even called Boxing Day? Yesterday,  we opened the presents and had the Christmas dinner with the pigs in blankets (my favourite bit of the meal) and the roast turkey which was actually very nice and moist.

 We thanked Nan for dinner and then she nagged us to 'finish off the sausages' or 'have another potato'. We even had a Christmas pudding which we lit and watched the bright, blue flames surround the pudding. Christmas pudding, admittedly, isn't one of my favourite puddings but it wasn't that bad. My sibling, however, had a bowel of ice cream instead. We pulled the crackers which set the dog barking like a crazy lunatic of an animal and then we retired after dinner to the lounge where we watched BBC one very comfortably on the sofa. 

Every year we pretty much do the same thing. Christmas is a time of joy for many but I understand that not everyone gets the same privalages at Christmas time. Some people are fighting wars, some people are alone, some people are in dangerous countries without food or shelter. Christmas is a time of general well being in the world but Christmas does not stop war and hunger. It merely makes people think about others and try to help others. After all, it is the time of giving. 

There is the very well-known example of the British and German troops, stopping war on Christmas to come together. They realised that Christmas is a time of peace and that the opposition was just like them. They didn't want to fight either. So they had a rather jolly game of football. I'm not quite sure who won... But of course that's not the important thing here... The important thing is that they came together in joy on Christmas. I know many people absolutely hate Christmas. I was talking to a Scrooge the other day. They didn't see the point in Christmas. I mainly think of Christmas as a time to be joyful with friends and family. 

What do you think of Christmas? I would be interested to hear your opinion so feel free to leave a comment. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

A rant on the music in the charts

I do like my music but I don't like any of the current music in the charts. I don't like generic repetitive music. I don't like generic repetive music. Sorry did I just repeat that? I really don't like any of these trashy pop songs. Justin Bieber, Drake and Nicki Minage really don't do it for me... It's all music about sex, girls and big bums in the charts. What happened to meaningful songs with beautifully written lyrics about peace and the state of the world?

I'm a teenager but I don't like the music in the charts. At school, most of my classmates play songs they like. Or at least songs they THINK they like due to radio1 and trying to fit in with everybody else and seem 'cool' and 'up to date'. But is this music really 'cool'? I don't think so. We all have our opinions and some people actually like the music in the charts but I think the charts is stuffed full with bad songs and artists who are only making music to get their hands on a load of cash and not because they love and enjoy making music for the people of the world. 

Why aren't there more bands who make good quality music for the pure joy of it in the charts? In the 80s many of the songs in the charts actually sounded quite good. I have listened to a few and most of them, despite the obvious lack of musical tech, are better than the current songs in the charts. Are there any stand out bands in today's music? Not that I know of. There is no great, iconic band like the Beatles. SOME music in the charts is actually ok. But this can only account for no more than 5% of it. 

My point is that I think today's music in the charts is meaningless and I wonder how on earth it got in the charts and how some other, much better songs haven't. Are people buying these songs because they want to seem cool or something? It's probably because they actually like the music, I know, but I don't get why you would want to listen to the music in the charts rather than better, greater songs outside the charts... Maybe I'm overreacting here. But I would rather express this opinion in a blog post rather than leave it, wanting to be heard inside my head. Many people do agree with me. Perhaps I just have better taste in music. 

Tell me what you think in the comments. I would love to hear your opinion! 
But for now, I have finished my rant and I will write again soon,